Here I am, this is me.

Skull-shaped Logo

Nice to meet you faceless purely theoratical entity, the names Gabriel. I'm an aspiring developer and designer, and you're in my little haven on the internet.

I've always had an eye for structure and symmetry, and I think making something that looks good is half the battle nowadays, and i've struggled with balancing it with practicality and speed, this space is in part an effort to verbalize my opinions on that balance.

I've come to realize that I highly value 'genuineness', at least my own definition of it, which is creating and doing things in a way you won't regret. I have and fully intend to make mistakes along the way, but I'll never find my regretless way otherwise.

Right now im focused on polishing my skills, developing my professional experience, and generally honing in on my direction in the industry.

I've babbled on long enough, enjoy your stay.
You're always welcome here.


  • React
    • Next.js
    • React Native
  • Angular
    • RxJS
  • State
    • Redux
  • Typescript


    • UI Design
      • CSS
      • SASS
      • Tailwind
      • UI Libraries
    • Mockup & Prototyping
      • Figma
    • Logo & brand design
      • Illustrator
    • Content design
      • Photoshop


    • Node.js
      • Express
      • JWT
    • Databases
      • SQL
      • ORMs
      • MongoDB
      • Firebase
    • GraphQL & REST
      • Nest.js and Redis